What if there was a reliable technology company that focused on schools?

Imagine also that this company has spent years putting teachers and students first.

Picture trusting a company to put your tech needs first.

Begun in 2011, we focus on disrupting the status quo of Technology in Education. We know schools are the hope for a better future for children and we believe they deserve more than just another tech company.  We get out of bed every morning thinking teachers and students first.  We are inspired by schools and their commitment to communities. We are a tech company started by a teacher and we stand by to help schools take advantage of all the tools available today.

We work closely with schools to determine their needs, tie their needs to their mission and design a plan that works for them. We maximize existing infrastructure, provide an array of choices and let you decide which is right for your institution.

We provide network support, hardware and software support (MAC or PC), internet access, content filtering service (CFS), professional development and curriculum guidance for schools that are looking to provide the best technology solutions for their institution. We are located in Manhattan and have been working with schools in the five boros of New York in independent capacities for over ten years. What can we do for you?